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The Dental Design Solution DDS Clinic offers high standard dental care services including dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, braces, power tooth whitening, crowns, bridges, veneers and root canal treatment with certified dentists of various fields of expertise, along with a world class facility.


We specialize in cosmeticdental care, providing our patients the smiles they always dream of. (We are one of the leading clinics in Thailand with well reputation in dental implants and veneers)


Dental Design Solution


The newest expansions on dental technology allow us to significantly beautify your smile. Making the best use of the most current techniques, we are able to whiten, straighten, restore, reshape and permanently replace missing teeth.


Our qualified team of specialists will supply you with everything, ranging from minor tweaks to a brand new smile. Your desires are principal to our treatment, and your options are comprehensively discussed with you. Throughout this process, our aim remains steadfast: to make your smile beautiful.


DDS Clinic

Was borne out of a shared vision among four highly successful dentists – Dr. Root , Dr. Pataraporn, Dr. Churaiporn and Dr.Kaesarin. Considered prominent veterans in the field of dentistry, they were united by a dream to transform the dental visit into an intimate and unforgettable experience for all our patients.


At DDS Clinic

Our ultimate goal is to consistently deliver first-rate services for our discerning patients. By integrating quality products, world class facilities, relaxing environment and loving care, we hope to bring a smile to the face of each and every of our patients.


Our fervent commitment to excellence ensures that we are always looking out for the best solutions for all your dental needs and desires.

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